Sunday, November 13, 2011

Greenhouse Build - Week Four

The greenhouse house project is complete.  Can I hear an AMEN!

I'm ready to move in the plants, but before I do, please join me for a tour.

The double french doors are both operable providing an extra wide opening for bringing plants in from the cold.

The clerestory windows using Gigavent automatic solar vent openers allow heat build up to be released from the roof peak.  Solar vent openers work without electricity.  The vent openers contain a mineral that expands when heated.  The expansion pushes a piston that slowly opens the window.  When the mineral cools, the piston slowly lowers the window back to closing.

Sliding windows open along the front and back walls for cross ventilation.

The exhaust fan will blow out hot air from the greenhouse, while pulling cooler air in through the motorized shutters.
Exhaust Fan
Motorized Shutter
Shutter Vents Exterior View
 The finished interior space is 16 feet wide by 24 feet long with a 14 foot ceiling.  The high ceiling will provide plenty of head space for potted trees and hanging baskets.
Night Blooming Cereus and Zig Zag Cactus
Hangs From the Rafters
Well, that's the end of the tour.  Now, let's swing those doors wide open.  The long awaited moving day is about to begin.  Time to move plants into the new greenhouse.


  1. "The clerestory windows using Gigavent automatic solar vent openers release heat build up from the roof peak."

    So the clerestory windows operate automatically via a temp. sensor?

    Happy for you - WELL DONE! Cyndi

  2. Wow! This is impressive. It's so like you and Richard to go just a bit over the top.
    Cindy s.

  3. Good question about the vent openers. I modified my blog to include this information. Thanks for helping me to make my article more complete.

  4. Kick butt greenhouse. I must say though, that you have talked me out of having one. Seems like way too much work, always worrying about the heating and cooling. :-/

  5. Teresa, I must admit managing a greenhouse of this size takes a bit more than even I imagined. At this point, it's new and I'm still learning... and ya, worrying a little, particularly right now with the freezing temperatures... heating is a big concern. I'll be interested to see how the MG's deal with all these greenhouse issues at the Zilker Greenhouse when we get our tour in January.

  6. I love your greenhouse, and I'd like to have one built like it for a house I just bought in Driftwood, TX (just outside of Austin). Can you tell me who built your greenhouse? Keith (