Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Giant Squirrel Finds a Home

Do you have a love hate relationship with squirrels in your garden?  I sure do.  Nothing is more infuriating than squirrels taste testing green tomatoes and tossing them aside only to move on to the next batch of green tomatoes.  

On the other hand, squirrels can be amusing garden companions.  I have often stopped to marvel at their sometimes perplexing and often entertaining antics.

I imagine pecan growers must share similar sentiments and yet Berdoll’s Pecan Farm on Highway 71 East has decided to embrace their conflicted feelings with a new giant squirrel monument.

The monument artist captured the essence of the squirrel perfectly. From one angle, he appears to be flaunting his pecan stealing craft, but from a different angle he appears to be more humble and almost, but not quite, penitent.

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