Monday, December 26, 2011

Party Favors and Fireworks

New Year's Eve is just around the corner and the plants in my greenhouse seem to be getting in the spirit with a little display of their own.
The fully open flowers of Queen's Tears curl open like a party favor.

The flower buds of the mother of millions plants are preparing to open like fireworks just before they burst.  

Foliage exploding in color creates a beautiful greenhouse display.
Variegated Hibiscus
Have a safe and happy new year!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chicken Tetherball Tournament

Welcome to our 2nd Annual Chicken Tetherball Tournament.

The contestants and spectators have been eagerly awaiting the tournament, which is held each year when the cabbage is ready for harvest.  The cabbage is tied securely and ready for play.  
So, let's play some chicken tetherball ...

The contestants take their marks.

The action is frantic as contestants try to get a beak on the ball.

The determination is palpable.

Watch out Barney, Pansy takes her tetherball pretty seriously.

Looks like Pansy was planning her attack.  The crowd watches in stunned amazement as Pansy steals a piece of the ball.

Uh oh... There's a flag on the play.

What? Barnie's throwing down the challenge flag.

"Quit goofing off.  I'll accept the penalty", says Pansy

Game back on.  Let's have a clean game girls.

And the winner is ... drum roll please... 
Ginger, the tetherball queen.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Callahan's General Store

Callahan's has been serving the Austin Area for over 30 years and me personally for almost 20 years.  I love Callahan's because it's such a fun place to visit, especially on Saturdays when they have live music, food, and baby animals to hold.

Each Saturday, different critters are available for a closer look.  I've seen some of the most beautiful roosters, the cutest little baby goats, and this Saturday I met a pig named Spud.  Spud is a Bastrop fire rescue pig who is making himself at home at Callahan's while his family rebuilds their home.

So, what do I shop for at Callahan's?  That's a tough question to narrow in on, because they have everything from hardware to western wear including home decor, kitchen items, books, garden supplies, feed, baby animals and the list just goes on and on.

One of my first purchases at Callahan's was a food dehydrator that I bought to make my own beef jerky and dried fruit.  Food dehydrators can be found in the kitchen department along with all sorts of other tools and gadgets.

During my futile attempts to learn how to do the Texas Two Step, I outfitted myself in some authentic western wear from Callahan's.  I still have my classic western shirt, which goes perfectly with my red Justin Ropers.

Browsing the home decor department is a feast for the eyes.  There's so much cool stuff.  This is the perfect place to shop for gifts for Christmas, special occassions, or just because.  

If you're looking for super fun gifts, look no further.  Callahan's stocks gifts for sports fans as well as fans of a good sense of humor.  After all, who can resist talking frog slippers or squirrel underwear?  In fact, there's a little boy squirrel running around my yard who could really use these underwear (hee hee).

These days Callahan's serves as my backyard chicken headquarters.  I purchased my girls from their chick room which is full of little baby chicks, especially in the spring.

At Callahan's you can get all your backyard chicken supplies served up with a healthy portion of free advice if you need it.  The folks at Callahan's are very knowledgeable and ready to help.

If chickens aren't you're thing, maybe wild birds are more to your taste (no pun intended).  Callahan's has everything the backyard birder could want including bird houses, feeders and seed.

I saved my favorite department for last:  GARDEN!!!  Callahan's has seeds, tools, gloves, plus all my favorite fertilizers:  Hasta Gro, fish emulsion, and liquid seaweed.  Callahan's even stocks my favorite Lady Bug products. 

As you can see, Callahan's has a lot to offer, and I haven't even included it all.  I hope you'll go see for yourself sometime.  

Thanks for shopping local.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Rock-a-bye Trees

In a last ditch effort to eke out some food stores, the post oaks on my property are hanging onto their leaves longer than usual.  Late season rains have created a party atmosphere and no one wants to go to bed yet.  In a fit of tantrum, the trees seem to be refusing sleep like an exhausted toddler.  The result is an explosion of fall color that seems uncommon in mid-December, but is appreciated none the less.

Rock-a-bye trees... time to sleep.