Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Zap! Hard Freeze

The first freeze of the year, and mother nature hit hard.  Looks like we bottomed out at about 26 degrees.  Ouch!  I wasn't expecting that, and I didn't cover anything.  
In the veggie garden, cabbage and rutabaga weren't phased at all.  The broccoli looks a little unhappy, but it will bounce back.  The 'Bright Lights' Swiss Chard did not fair well.  This variety of chard does not tolerant freezes as well as some of the others.

The remaining pepper and tomato plants are history.

On the ornamental side of the garden, the Root Beer Plant, which was lively just yesterday, is looking like a wet dish rag. 
This spider lily looks a little defeated, but not totally down for the count.
Purple Lantana was one of the stars of my drought stricken garden this year.  The freeze nipped the leaves, but some flowers are hanging in there. 

This purple vitex (vitex trifolia atropurpurea) is evergreen in zone 10.  In zone 8, however, it will eventually die back to the ground and return in the spring.
In the greenhouse, a little extra help from a portable propane heater kept everything a toasty 52 degrees.
Despite the chilly start, the inside of the greenhouse maxed out at 81 degrees.  Balmy to say the least.  
Flowering plants such as this begonia are still blooming. 
This desert rose has decided to bloom too.

This night-blooming cereus is enjoying it's hanging basket in the sun.  The pink fruit looks very similar to a prickly pear and is just as edible.  Unlike the prickly pear, the cereus fruit is spineless.

Another freeze is on the way for tonight.  Bundle up.

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