Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I Love LA

I love LA! The LA Flower District that is! I had no idea such a fabulous place existed, so I was pretty excited when some friends suggested a visit during my recent stay in Los Angeles.

Try to imagine more flowers than you have ever seen in one place and you probably won't get close to the number of flowers contained in these ginormous warehouses.

The Flower District is contained within a city block in downtown Los Angeles. Here you will find flowers, vases, floral supplies and just about anything to do with flowers and flower arranging including live plants. Everything is for sale at wholesale prices. It's heaven for flower lovers.

I wanted to stuff my suitcase full of driftwood and old grape vine planters, but I didn't have an inch to spare. Darn my pathological need to over pack!

If I lived in LA, I would be in so much trouble.  These arrangements are so awesome and the prices are incredible.

The creative side of me was itching to grab a vase and some cool decorations, so I could create my own masterpiece.

This seashell wreath would be the perfect backdrop for a floral masterpiece.

Just look at all these plants waiting for a good home.

We stopped over in LA following a cruise to Hawaii. I have to say, I saw lots of orchids in Hawaii, but I saw ten times more orchids in the flower district. 

I don't know what these flowers are, but I totally want them! Don't you think they look like underwater sea life. I think they'd go perfectly with all those sea shells.

There's so much cool stuff in the flower district. Next time I go, I'm bringing a pick up.