Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Big Bertha, What a Gal!

Move over California Wonder, Big Bertha is in town.

Planted in the Spring, Big Bertha has continued to produce large, thick-walled green peppers throughout the Summer and into the Fall.  Even now, in mid-November, Big Bertha is still going strong.

Coming in at a close second, Big Bertha's sister pepper, Gypsy, has produced copious amounts of smaller peppers.  Gypsy is a colorful gal, producing yellow, orange and red peppers.
The Yellow Sweet Banana pepper earns an honorable mention.  A perennial favorite in my garden, this pepper shouldn't be overlooked. This year my banana pepper struggled with the drought and a viral disease, but even now, it's still producing delicious peppers that go great in salads and stir fry.


  1. She's a monster! I pulled a lot of my peppers out because they did so poorly in the summer. I should have waited because, like yours, the one I kept is producing the biggest peppers I have ever had. Wish I knew what mine were.

  2. My peppers always do better in fall than spring. But even my Big Berthas never got that big! Congratulations.