Sunday, October 30, 2011

Greenhouse Build - Week Two

Today was a beautiful Fall day in Central Texas.  The weather was picture perfect for spreading fresh mulch and working the garden.  The new greenhouse, still in progress, looks over the vegetable garden, where a freshly trimmed up wisteria arbor looks neat and tidy.

Week two finished up with painting the frame and installing the windows.  Progress was made on the roof framing and installation of the clerestory windows.

A back view of the greenhouse shows the 6X2 vertical slider windows installed.  Large polycarbonate sheets lean against the building, ready for installation as soon as the fasteners arrive on Monday. 

If all goes well, the project will wrap up in week three.  The roof will be completed and the polycarbonate will be installed.  The automatic vent openers, exhaust fan, and ventilation shutters will be installed as well. Can't wait!


  1. How exciting. that looks like one serious greenhouse. Look forward to seeing it competed. I just cleaned out my greenhouse today getting ready to move things inside for the winter.

  2. This is NOT a greenhouse. It's a friggin conservatory! So how much will admission be?

  3. I’m so happy for your green house project! It’s been years since you posted it, and I believe that the space is now filled with wonderful plants and floras. It’s big and looked like a conservatory. Green houses are different from normal house structures. Just a tip: be sure to clean the space regularly, and check the windows and other fixtures for scratches and damage. Replace immediately if necessary.

    Marla Hinds