Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall Veggies

This homemade PVC seed starting shelf works great to start seeds inside the house in a controlled environment.  The golden beets on the left just started to poke through the soil today.  The rutabagas on the right are almost ready for the outdoors.
New seedlings will be moved outside to wait with the other "ladies in waiting".  Planting up to the next pot size helps keep them from drying out too fast.  Bird netting protects from squirrels and birds.
This year the hot temperatures kept me from planting in September.  Four inch transplants were potted in 1 gallon pots where they waited until temperatures were more hospitable.  The planting date was October 2nd, but these plants were purchased 2-3 weeks earlier. 
These 4 inch transplants of brussel sprouts and chinese cabbage purchased on October 1st, went right into the garden on October 2nd thanks to bird netting and shade cloth.
"No girls, I don't need any help, but thanks for asking"
Time to close up shop before the girls get any ideas.  Chickens love cabbage and broccoli.  Out here in the country, there are lots of critters that think new veggie transplants are yummy.

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  1. What is the easiest way to check my soil to make sure it has the proper nutrients for my garden?