Thursday, October 6, 2011

Taj Ma-Coop

My backyard is racoon central, so I knew when we decided to raise chickens that we would need a predator proof coop.  I found some great ideas on the web to help us build this 8 X 12 coop and run combination.  First, we layed out a 4"X4" foundation and built the frame.

Painting the frame will protect the wood and make it look nice.

Hardware cloth, also called 1/2 inch wire, is secured to the frame with screws and washers.  The chicks will be safe as long as the racoons don't figure out how to use screw drivers.

The hardware cloth is complete and the siding is installed.

The trim is added and a rock edging is installed around the coop.  Wire under the rock will further discourage digging pests.

A good locking mechanism secures the door.

The coop interior includes a roost, nesting box, and ladder.

The nesting box has a small roost area to make it easier for the birds to enter the boxes.

The L-shaped roost includes removeable poop boards for easier cleaning.

The finished coop has been in use for a year and half.  In the absense of an actual rooster, Roger the metal rooster stands guard over the girls.

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