Tuesday, October 4, 2011

No Naked Soil Please!

I recently learned that naked soil is a bad thing.  Who knew.... Well, I guess I already knew in my heart that there was something sad, and not very stylish about bare soil.  I've always tried to keep my soil properly dressed.  Whether with shredded leaves or bark, hay, or pine straw, here's how I like to mulch.

When mulching a new area, I like to weedwack down any existing weeds or grass.  Newspaper makes excellent weed block.  Lay the newspaper down overlapping each section as shown below.
   Wet the newspaper to keep it firmly in place.
Bring in a load of mulch and dump it carefully on the wetted newspaper.
Continue adding loads of mulch until there is enough to cover the area.
Rake the mulch smooth to a depth of about 4 inches.
  Leave an edge to overlap the next section of newspaper.
Continue until the desired area is covered with mulch, and all your soil is fully clothed.  Remember... No naked soil please!

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  1. I was wondering how you kept the newspaper from blowing away. Now I know...thanks :)