Thursday, April 24, 2014

Inside Austin Gardens Tour Preview - Garden 2

Garden 2 - Dugie and David Graham, 1817 Canonero Drive, 78746

Inside Austin Gardens Tour
Saturday, May 3, 2014
9:00 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Tickets are available at each garden 
$15 for all gardens or $5 per individual garden
The demo garden and children under 16 are free
If you love to see beautiful gardens that have it all, then you have to see this garden. Set against the backdrop of a lovely limestone home with gorgeous views, this garden has rain water collection, a pond, a vegetable garden, fruit trees, plenty of flowers, and lots of fun yard art.

The peaches will soon be ripe, and 

the veggies will be ready for harvest. Let's eat! 

Is that a capital "G" for great or 

maybe it's "G" for gorgeous rock work. I hope Lori doesn't mind me snapping this photo. I couldn't resist. Lori is a fellow blogger who writes the blog, The Gardener of Good and Evil. Coincidentally, her garden is also Garden 1 on the tour.

The gorgeous rock work leads to a tranquil fish pond.

Notice the realistic looking snake in the upper right hand corner. It fooled me, so I'm pretty sure it will fool any fish eaters that might happen along.

If the snake doesn't work, perhaps these realistic fishing birds will do the trick. These decoys say, "This pond is occupado. Go find your own".

The Graham garden has large curving planting beds. Grass is not a priority for Dugie, who prefers blooming flowers. I'm with you Dugie.

Yellow Sedum

Jerusalem Sage, Phlomis fruiticosa

Desert Bluebell, Phacelia Campanularia
This large flowering crossvine has a little secret. The vine is hiding an AC unit. The AC is totally invisible from the street, but still has access for maintenance.

As usual, my camera gravitated to the yard art. The Graham's have some really fun pieces spread tastefully throughout the garden. I should have asked Dugie if she uses this bench or if it's just for display.  Either way, it's cute as can be.

Ants, armadillos and bunnies are all pests in my garden, but I could totally live with these adorable figurines.

Thanks for inviting us into your garden Dugie and David. You've created a very special retreat.

Garden number 3 is up next. Stay tuned.


  1. I love it when we do these preview tours-- everybody notices SUCH different things! I was so absorbed by the rock work and their many well-arranged and integrated outdoor living spaces that I completely missed the AC cover and rain barrel and a whole bunch of that yard art! And I'm amazed that their peaches didn't freeze!

  2. So proud of my sister! Our parents, both green thumbs when it comes to growing most anything - Dad's huge vegetable garden and peach orchard, Mama's ever flowering flowerbeds, are smiling in heaven at what beauty Dugie and David have created in their Austin home. God bless you, sister!!

  3. I thought the snake was real, too. :) I also really liked the potting table.