Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Inside Austin Gardens Tour Preview - Garden 1

One of the benefits of being a garden blogger is being invited to preview the gardens on the Inside Austin Gardens Tour. The tour is put together by the Travis County Master Gardeners and features 6 gardens that are built and maintained by gardeners like you and me. 

Many thanks to these wonderful gardeners for opening their gardens to us today and providing us with this wonderful sneak peak of each garden. I hope you'll enjoy this tiny taste of what these gardens have to offer and consider taking the tour yourself.

Inside Austin Gardens Tour
Saturday, May 3, 2014
9:00 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Tickets are available at each garden 
$15 for all gardens or $5 per individual garden
The demo garden and children under 16 are free

Garden 1 - Lori Daul's Garden, 3231 Oak Alley, 78745

Lori's garden is one of the stars on the tour. I found so much to inspire me here. I just know you will too.

From the street you instantly know that a gardener lives here. Laura from Wills Family Acres gives me a wave from next to one of Lori's giant agaves. Taking photos with 20 or so other bloggers can be challenging. We always seem to accidentally pop into each others photos, but I think it's fun to have a few photos of friends to remember the day.

Lori has such a cool garden. I love her use of mirrors. She says the mirrors create light in the shadows and she's totally spot on. Mirrors sparkle in the sun and make spaces seems bigger too. Hint: Those aren't windows. They're mirrors!

Another thing mirrors do is trick people. Is that a porthole window in that fence panel? Nope, another mirror. Love it!

The most photogenic cat lives in Lori's garden. Apparently, this kitty loves to photo bomb people's pictures, but today I'm putting kitty center stage. No photo bombing needed kitty. This is your moment.

Lori knows how to create wonderful vignettes that add drama to the her garden.

Each curve of the bed line has a little something special to capture your attention.

This fountain will capture both your visual and auditory senses. It's Lori's unique creation. I doubt you'll see another like it anywhere.

Creating height in her layered border with galvanized containers is truly inspired. I'm definitely going to copy this cottage-cactus chic look.

Lori has plants a plenty. She's pared back her roses over the years, which you'll find surprising because she has so many.

This pink wood sorrel was looking great today. This plant really shines in the spring and Lori has a lovely stand of it in her back garden.

I have a tendency to take pictures of the things that interest me and this color combo definitely caught my attention. I usually like contrasting combinations, but something about this colorguard yucca and blackfoot daisy together was so soothing to my eyes. These plants are naturals together. I think I'll copy this too. Thanks for all the inspiration Lori. I had fun visiting your garden.

Stay tuned. There are 5 more gardens to go. I'll be loading them up as quickly as possible, so you can see them all before the tour day.


  1. You're fast, Ally! I'm working on a preview post myself. Wasn't it fun touring these gardens? Lori's will be the star, for sure. I didn't get to see it today but have seen it in the past and loved it. She's very creative and talented.

    1. I tried to get some work done outside, but ended up inside on the computer. The mosquitoes were out in droves. That doesn't seem fair to get so little rainfall, but still have so many mosquitoes.

  2. Oh, I'm so glad your pictures turned out! I was worried that nobody would be able to get a decent photo with the light being so bright. And a hot tip from me to you (heh), use galvanized fire rings, not stock tanks, for lower planters. They're so much cheaper and SO much easier to level.

  3. Where do you find those galvanized fire rings, Lori?

  4. I've seen them online at Home Depot - about 50 dollars for a 30 inch ring. What a great idea!