Monday, October 5, 2015

Oh Deer Garden Tour

On my Inside Austin Garden Tour sneak preview, garden number three belongs to fellow blogger and author Pam Penick. If you follow Pam's blog, Digging, you've seen photos of her garden, but now is your chance to see her garden in person!

Each garden on the tour will have knowledgeable master gardeners on site to answer your garden questions. I'll be one of the master gardeners strolling Pam's garden, so please stop by and say "hi". I'll introduce you to Moby, the whale's tongue agave that sits soaking up sun in the back garden.

Pam is a designer so her garden is well put together with a combination of great plants, cool art, and unique custom features.

This strappy, purple grass called vertigo pennisetum definitely falls under the category of great plants. This one is on my wish list for sure.

Pam's garden contains tough plants that work well in Austin like this grass called inland sea oats.

One of the things that I really like about Pam's garden is that she's always trying new stuff and has interesting varieties of some of my favorite plants. Instead of just the plain red turk's cap, Pam has pink.

Check out the gorgeous berries on this American beautyberry. The standard variety is a pretty purple, but this one has much more intense colored berries.

The purple plumbago I grow is a tough as nails summer staple in Austin, but if you already have that one, check out this white variety.

I have the orange mallow, but looky here. Desert mallow comes in yellow! Pam installed it next to her new blue wall to really make it pop.

If you like garden art, you'll find plenty in Pam's garden. This metal garden star is actually one of many embedded a path out front.  I'm totally borrowing this idea!

I love how Pam works in little pieces of art here and there to accent her plantings. Pam says she loves spiky plants and I can vouch for the fact that dyckia are indeed spikey.  The barbs on this plant will catch you coming and going, but I heart it too.

Bird accents are a perfect fit for any garden. So cute!


Pam's garden has an interesting mix of modern and cottage garden aesthestic. I like both styles, so I like to see how Pam makes all the elements blend together. In this photo, a modern succulent plant repeats the orange color of the shade loving hummingbird plant below.

Structurely, plants like this this Yucca rostrata 'Sapphire Showers' can be modern or more informal depending on how you use them. This one in Pam's garden sits comfortably, relaxed in a mostly woodland setting. Pam placed it in a sunny break in the trees. The results: it's like a plant prism making magic when the light hits it.

One of my favorite design elements in Pam's garden is a line of framed mirrors that hang on a long, brick wall. I love mirrors in the garden and this display is genius! Yet another idea that I want to borrow.

I hope to see you at Pam's garden on October 17th. You'll get lots of great ideas and maybe borrow a few ideas for yourself.

Stay tuned. There are 3 more garden previews to come.

The Inside Austin Garden Tour is put on by the Travis County Master Gardeners. Don't miss it! Here's the info, so you can mark your calendar:

Date: October 17, 2015
Time: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Where: Check out the Map
Cost: $19 Online, $20 at the tour, Single tickets for individual gardens are $5

There are seven gardens on the tour. Six of the gardens belong to individual homeowners and the 7th garden is the demonstration garden at the Travis County Agrilife Extension Office. As always, the demonstration garden can be visited free of charge.


  1. Love Pam's garden, love her blog and yours.

  2. Thanks for your generous comments about my garden, Ally! I love your description of the Yucca rostrata as a plant prism since it's one of my favorite plants. I look forward to seeing you here on tour day!