Friday, November 15, 2013

We're Still Standing

Ha! Ha! Ha! We're still standing!

Central Texas just experienced an unexpected early freeze.  My garden weathered the first night effortlessly with a low of 36 degrees.  I thought I was out of the woods, but I should have been watching that one, two punch.

Pink Knockout Rose
The second night, which was actually supposed to be warmer than the first, turned bitterly cold and some locations near me dropped to 28 degrees. 

Fire Cracker Fern and Day Lily
I had a brief opportunity to check the vegetable garden on Thursday morning before heading to work and I cringed when I saw my beautiful veggies covered in a blanket of frost.  But, today, it's all a distant memory.

Gomphrena Globosa
The arctic winds have been replaced by southerly breezes once again. My vegetable garden turned out to be unfazed by the frost. Even the Castor Bean, one of my more cold sensitive plants, is still still standing and looking fine.

There was some light damage here and there.  My morning glories were a little toasted along the top of their trellis, but other cold sensitive plants like this Almond Verbena are still reaching for the sky.

I'm pretty happy to have escaped any serious freeze damage.  With temperatures heading back up to the 80's by this weekend, the plants in the garden can continue their chaotic end of season blooming. 

Purple Coneflower, Coral Nymph Salvia, and Cigar Plant

Forsythia Sage and Copper Canyon Daisy
Since the current 7-day forecast is for mild temperatures, I will get to enjoy these blooms for a while longer.

Chinese Lantern

Pam's Pink Turk's Cap

Candlestick Plant

Mountain Sage
Happy Bloom Day! Garden bloggers from all over are showing off their blooms today. Please visit May Dreams for a list of other blog sites to visit and enjoy.


  1. Beautiful are the photos, Ally!
    Greetings from Holland, RW & SK

    1. How exciting to have a visitor from Holland! Welcome!

  2. Glad your garden weathered the freeze. How these plants cope with the swings I don't know but your seem to know how to do it. Happy bloom day.

    1. I have no idea either. At least the ground is still good and wet for all that rain. That will help if any more freezes come along. For right now, looks like we're clear sailing on the weather front for a bit.

  3. It is a roller coaster ride of temperatures this time of year. I was surprised my plants could handle the extreme in temps as well. I love your Chinese Lantern:)

  4. I'm glad that Austin gardeners didn't suffer too much damage from the recent cold spell. May the same be true for the one that blew in today!