Monday, July 29, 2013

The Bunny Poo Express

It's Monday and the bunny poo express rides again...

Twice a week the good folks at the local rabbit rescue give the bunny cages a good cleaning. The result of their hard work is 20 or so large bags of high quality rabbit manure mixed with bedding, alfalfa and pine pellets. This is good stuff folks.

It sure would be a shame to let a valuable resource like rabbit manure end up at the landfill and that's where the bunny poo express comes in to play.  

Look at all this wonderful bunny poo bagged up all tidy and ready for the garden.

Rabbit manure doesn't have to be composted before it is used in the garden, which is what got me to thinking... What if we used the bunny poo to mulch our newly planted fruit trees?

Layering the manure on top of newspaper and cardboard has helped keep the weeds down around the trees.  You can really see the difference between the mulched and non-mulched areas. In the photo below, staged bags of bunny poo are waiting to become mulch.

Six inches of bunny poo is amazingly springy to walk on.

The manure will break down slowly over time providing wonderful nutrients to the fruit trees.

Organic matter like this is too good to end up in the dump, so as long as it's needed, the bunny poo express will ride again!


  1. Lool so much bunny poo. I also use it in my garden but since I have only 3 bunnies it takes me a year to collect enough poo. Right about the time I need it for planting :)

  2. You have me chuckling at the office... long live the bunny poo express!

  3. Wow! That's a lot of poo.
    It looks like you're putting it to good use, though.

  4. Yahoo, Ally, for the bunny poo express! We dumped a bunch of ours into our new vegetable bed and more is about to go in. And I use it around my satsumas.

  5. You know I never did find out where that place was. I need to go there and get a few bags. My son has 2 rabbits and I brought back some but it was only a small amount compared with your great haul. I think my garden would be happy.

  6. Ha ha this is great! Love the name - bunny poo express. :) But all laughing aside you are precisely right. After cleaning out our bunny cages we put the droppings in our garden for fertilizer and it works great. I've also heard of people using it to grow worms but that's just too icky for me.