Friday, March 15, 2013

Bloom Day March 2013

Howdy from Texas!  It's Bloom Day!

In honor of the day, the shrimp plant are already partying.  Is it just me or are they laughing?  I guess it's a private joke.

Everyone is being goofy in the garden today.  I think these four nerve daisy have decided to trade in their foliage for something fuzzy.  Alright you two, take off that lamb's ear and get back in your own leaves.

Fireworks can happen in spring.  Look at this dill against a back drop of mustard greens.  Wow, who says vegetables aren't sexy?

I love the simplicity and easy cheerfulness of the blackfoot daisy.  She loves me...she love me not...

When I get old, I want to age as beautifully as this gaillardia.  This flower seems to have been blooming since January.  Perhaps, she just wants to see the spring before she bids adieu.

Euryops are fickle flowers in my garden.  All summer they languish and just when I've resolved to kick them to the curb, they go and do this.  Fine!  You're safe for now.

Spring is time to reacquaint yourself with old garden friends.  In my garden, there are not many older or prettier than this Gene Boerner rose.  She's been with me for close to 20 years.  I hope she lives forever.

The bumbles are out en masse today.  Apparently, they woke up starving and food is still a little scarce.  At first it seemed they thought I was competition for these red bud flowers, because they started dive bombing me left and right.  I later realized I was wearing a bright red shirt.  Could that be it? 

Hey Mr. Bumble, are you following me?  Yes, eat the white wisteria, and leave the tasty, red shirted Ally flower alone.

This purple cone flower isn't purple yet.  She's just a babe basking in sun; a hint of what's yet to come.  Enjoy your spring!  

For more beautiful Garden Blogger's Bloom Day flowers, please visit May Dreams Gardens.  
Happy Bloom Day!


  1. Beautiful blooms in your garden. The Gene Boerner rose is a stunner. Yes, the bumble bees are busy! Have a great weekend:)

  2. You have a lot blooming! Great shots! I have a love hate with the Euryops myself.... not my favorite but then, as you stated, they go and do that.

  3. Your post made me smile :-) Lots of flowers going on in your garden, at this time of year you really can see what a difference it is between London and Texas, despite that many parts of Texas has the same hardiness zone as us, 9a. No roses in my garden yet, not for weeks, and although I saw some bumble bees in my garden in February when we had a brief warm spell, they are safely back to hibernation again now. It is just too cold! Happy GBBD!

  4. The garden is looking great. Isn't it wonderful to finally have spring :)

  5. Loved all your blooms on show today. I'm a big fan of the Shrimp Plant. Over here mine blooms all year round, and always looks terrific. I really enjoyed your post, thanks for making me chuckle!!

  6. I'm amazed at how much more everybody has blooming, than we do here.
    Guess it's the extra cold we get here.
    Your blooms are lovely. I like the Blackfoot daisy, and have planted some..twice. They didn't do well. Maybe I'll try again.
    It's warming up fast...maybe too fast. I'll still hold out on planting anything frost tender, though. I've been fooled too many times.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. Eek! Blooming dill! It's a very pretty picture, but also a very timely reminder that I need to pick mine soon or I'll have nothing but dill next year.

  8. If it changes your thoughts, apparently bees can't see red...or rather, the red wavelength. but they love white and yellow.

    In my yard the bees were going crazy over the thyme which just started blooming. It's got the tiniest little pink flowers. I should take a picture tomorrow if it's still going...