Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Fairy Bistro Set

My husband and I are working on a new fountain project.  We needed a pump and some helpful advice, so we took a trip to the Hill Country Water Gardens and Nursery in Cedar Park.

Hill Country Water Gardens is almost an hour drive for me, so I don't go there often.  They have expanded so much over the years.  I'm always amazed when I pay them a visit.  There are lots of cool fountains, statuary and plants, but what do I absolutely fall head over heels for?  A fairy bistro set.

I really didn't have any intention of building a fairy garden.  Like I said, we already had a fountain project that we were working on, but that bistro set, with it's cute, little cloche bell jar, spoke to me.  It said, "Take me home and build a fairy garden."  Must have been the little people.

Fairy gardens are miniature gardens that are assembled in large shallow containers. I've seen them constructed in Radio Flyer wagons and incorporated into the landscape.  Both of those are cool ideas, but for my first  fairy garden, I'm going to use a large shallow pot.

My plan is to have a small water feature divide the container.  I decided to build a small pond with stream using a plastic liner so it will hold water.  This did not work as well as I'd hoped.  The soil in the container was just too loose and crumbly.  To add structure to the stream and pond, I recycle an egg carton and a cool whip container to create support, then, lay the plastic on top.

I can already see that hiding the plastic is going to be tricky.  I decide to plant the little mosses and think about how I can make this better.  I add my little fairy bird bath and my windmill, and head off to find some more stones.  Luckily, I have lots of little rocks and pea gravel around the yard.

To finish up the display, I added a cactus, a sedum, and a wooly thyme.  I've added lots more rocks to try to hide the plastic liner, but I'm just not satisfied with the water feature.  At least it seems to hold water.

So, I say goodbye to the little pond, and start my redesign.  I decide to go with more of a dry creek look, and start working on a little arbor to cover the bistro set.  I found the perfect piece of leftover flagstone for a little bridge over the creek. 

The arbor is constructed with twigs that are lashed together with heavy duty brown thread.  I added a touch of glue for extra strength in the corners, and a little dab for each of the twigs which make up the roof.

Perfect!  I think this fairy garden shows off the little bistro set to it's best advantage.  I hope the fairies are happy!


  1. What a gorgeous creation! The bistro set is simply amazing. I can't imagine how much patience would be needed to create those tiny little items! I admire your creativity and patience too in creating this wonderful fairy garden.

  2. If I were a fairy, I'd be moving in right now to claim a seat at that little table! Great job. Another plant that would work in both name and appearance is elfin thyme. The wooly thyme is perfect. Please consider showing this again when those tiny white moss flowers appear next spring - their very own fairy wild meadow. I love the stream with the little bridge, too.

  3. THAT has got to be one of the cutest things I've ever seen. Those darn Little People--whispering in your ear! So creative and inventive--I also admire your patience.

  4. Pretty sweet, m'dear! The whole thing is fantastic. The fairies will be pleased.

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  6. How adorable! It's a good thing that water feature didn't work out - I was going to start questioning how you were going to keep the mosquito population at bay (I assume dunks)

  7. I love your fairy garden! Very nice structure over the bistro table.

  8. It's as sweet as can be! Your fairies will be delighted!

  9. I'm completely enthralled with this! How enchanting:) You did a fabulous job. I'm sure the fairies will the happy.

  10. That is so cute. I think I'm going to have to put one of these together

    1. Laura, if you do, you might want to pass on the moss. It hasn't held up well in the heat. The other plants are doing great, especially the Wooly Thyme. I think I'll go with Sandy's suggestion and start looking for some Elfin Thyme to replace the moss.

  11. You are too cute! That fairy garden is adorable and I bet they are fairy happy in it :0)